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ACT Careers Association


Established in 2020, the ACT Careers Association (ACTCA) provides support and services to member career practitioners, school staff and organisations who assist children and young people with their career development.

Our Purpose

The ACTCA supports its members to build specialist skills and knowledge, to provide evidence-based career development services for children and young people in the ACT and the Capital region.

Our Goals


Providing continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities aligned to the CICA Professional Standards for Australian Career Development Practitioners.


Sharing evidence-based career practice and strengthening member networking.


Building productive partnerships with local industry, relevant stakeholders and career development associations.


Promoting the delivery of career education as a teaching area requiring expertise, and career counselling as a specialist field of guidance in all ACT high schools and colleges.

ACTCA Membership

ACTCA membership is open to career development practitioners, school staff, industry stakeholders and those interested in connecting with the career development industry in the ACT and Capital region.
The Association supports Professional and Associate members continue their professional excellence and growth, and assists people who do not hold career development qualifications to connect with the local career development community.

ACTCA membership categories are:

  • Professional
  • Associate
  • Collegial
  • Industry

ACTCA Awards

Upcoming Events

The ACTCA organises webinars, presentations, workshops, industry visits, meetings and networking events to support member professional development and promote professional growth.